The Day and I

By anyone’s measure
By anyone’s measure
This day and I
Were tired, our
Bone beaten sucked dry
By every everything
Not a whisper was left
No breath to sing

Late in the afternoon
Late in the afternoon
Friend from way back
Holding sour grapes
Called in his chips
Requesting an errand

Good-bye, coppery sunlight 

The day and I told ourselves
It was more of a stopover
Than a destination, and searched
For another vein of courage

We had a nose for such things

While being on the lookout
For ambushes and sabotages
Our voices suddenly choked, and
Captured our attention

While waiting
We wondered
Is this where it all came from
No longer elegant, but just
Quite, odd

This moment was not for us
We yearned for a hermitage, and
This was just the first night

Tell us how it ends

Mark Mularz