Very just now
I’m a dog
Again & long since
No known breed
Almost feral 

While the warden sleeps
My nose rises
Freeing itself,
Into air so soft
Chasing a lurid scent &
Tethered only to hunger
Tracing the last
Known bite.

In & out panting
Loop-di-loops & 
Figure 88’s
“ Yes, yes, yes, no, no yes, yes, no, yes”
A dangling pink
Making trail
Panting …..“ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ………”

Over yonder & 
Through the dale
Snout digging deep
Into the wild laughter
Of the smallest small &
Others yet-to-be leashed

A Luscious life

Must I return
To my master’s
With torn paws & 
No recall

Mark Mularz